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Nov. 29th, 2006 @ 01:11 am (no subject)
Well I finally told Rachel this morning that I'm leaving, so to stop me from feeling bad I thought I would make a list of the things I'm going to love about not working here anymore

* Not having to wear a uniform, I don't mind wearing corporate attire but this shirt sucks. It's badly fitted and mkes me look 13, and the print is just... wrong, it's just nurselike. I'm sure the nurses at John James or National Capital Private wear the same shirts, not good when you're working in a former retirement home. God I wish I had gotten to keep the stripy shirt that they gave me to start with, that one was cool.

* Phones that work, surely a government department will have a working phone system and not something that should be a collectors item.

* No more having to feel bad about charging people for faxes they receive, and charging them 2 thirds more than they pay to photocopy.

* No more tenants to not inform me when they have a new staff member or when one leaves. This one really gets me, I mean how the hell are we supposed to take a message for them if we don't know they exist. And for that matter, how are we supposed to send them said message if they aren't in our messaging system.

* No more having to either leave the house at 6:30am with Grant or 7:00 with Mum to get to work. On that point, no more of my mothers incapability of leaving the house at 7am, therefore making me catch a later bus into the city, and making me miss the bus to Watson/Downer by all of 3 minutes, which then means I walk in the door just in time to turn the phones off on time.

* No more getting less than 24hrs notice that a new tenant is moving in, and then to find the room hasn't been cleaned yet, which I said needed to be done a month ago btw. Let alone the fact that we need to get their phones connected and such basically today.

* No more listening to that damned beeping out the back. Our IT guy says he can't do anything about it until one of our tenants gets their own server, and the tenants IT guy says he is waiting for our IT guy to do something. Why can't these males just communicate! I just don't want to listen to the beeping anymore. I so can't wait til tomorrow!

Oh and the one that could be the kicker tomorrow, no more having to answer the phones for Emoh Data Labs at Watson. I haven't worked out there yet, let's see if I can keep a straight face :P

Centrelink called me again today for my DOB so I can get my APS no. :D
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Nov. 23rd, 2006 @ 02:22 am Say hi to Canberra's newest public servant!
Current Mood: excitedexcited

Yeah well 20 mins ago Centrelink called me and offered me an APS 3, I start on the second of Jan. A part of me still wants the FaCSIA one, but I think this could be a great opportunity too.

Mum is more exicted than I am, within 5 mins I think she had told half the family. I'm sorta in shock, and not wanting to have to tell Rachel tomorrow.
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Sep. 28th, 2006 @ 05:14 pm It's here
Current Location: @ new laptop
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: nome - its not on here yet
Well after the issues with the lazy courier who couldn't be bothered driving out of town to deliver it, Mum went and picked up my laptop this morning. It's very nice to work on, I can type much faster than I'm used to on the old one, it also has great features like turning off the touchpad/mouse so it doesn't move the cursor on you while you are typing (aka, my pet peeve with the old one). It also has the most adorable remote! Now I just have to copy my files across from the old one.
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Sep. 19th, 2006 @ 02:20 pm (no subject)
There are some great things about working here, for example one of our clients is a disability employment agency, and offered to talk to the editor of the Canberra Times about getting me a job there. I said I'd like to get a bit more experience in paid employment first but yeah, there might be hope of me getting a job in the publishing industry in this town yet.

That and it hasnt been nearly as quiet today as it was yesterday.

I am however pissed off at the ATO, they apparently lost all record of my tax file number. They definately had the right address cos they said there were other records coming up at that address, and vaguely agreed that they had the same last name. I know they have a record of one for me somewhere because I needed it for Centrelink, and used to have a paper copy of it, but it's been lost over the years.
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Sep. 18th, 2006 @ 03:07 pm (no subject)
It's so boring here. The heating needs to be turned down so I don't need to turn the fan up so high that it's blowing stuff off the desk too. I'm not the only one who has been complaining either.

I just want to go home and sew. I have the first layer of the petticoat done, and since that's done the pattern for all the layers, and the skirt is drafted. I have to dig the corset pattern out tonight and start getting that ready too.

I also scared the crap outta myself setting the alarm off before cos I was showing a potential client some office space.
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Sep. 15th, 2006 @ 08:09 pm (no subject)
Work is soooo boring, there is nothing to do out there half the time. Oh and the system wouldn't let me on hotmail *growls*, I also don't have access to our messaging system and have to use the webmail, which I have to keep refreshing. I can also only kinda use the phone system, though there is a manual in the office.

Oh and Evelyn (the receptionist at Weston when I had my interview yesterday) rang me this afternoon to see how I was doing, cos she was going to Sydney for a few weeks this weekend which was really sweet. I'm not even sure if she was working today.

Still, it's very boring.
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Sep. 14th, 2006 @ 08:21 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: tiredtired
So today was my last day at Vision Australia, I think I'm really going to miss working there, however I had a job interview this afternoon.

I got the job on the spot! So this afternoon I went and picked up my uniform (aka the $400 odd worth of suit and shirts), and I start tomorrow morning. For now it's only relief work, but I am garunteed basically 1 week a month when one of the girls goes to TAFE and they said that the next 4 months I should have a ton of work when people go on leave and such over coming school holidays and summer. So tomorrow starts the calling of centrelink, getting tax file number and stuff organised.

Oh and hopefully I can order my new laptop when mum gets home.

Now I have to eat and sleep.
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Aug. 16th, 2006 @ 05:42 pm Sick of filing
Well the work placement is going well, but I'm getting really sick of filing the same forms into client files, if they were different forms or something it wouldn't be so bad but yeah. I had a really good talk with Natalia this afternoon about guys and relationships and work and stuff. She just landed her dream job today so she was really happy.

I also had this apprently really pushy salesman who was convinced that some woman worked in our office who didn't. After talking to someone who wasn't just a receptionist he realised that he had called Vision Australia instead of the Canberra Blind Society. It went a bit like this
me: Vision Australia, Jessica speaking.
him: hi this is .... from ..... is ...... available?
me: ..... doesn't work here, are you sure that you wanted to call Vision Australia?
him: I think you will find she does.
me:I have a list of the staff here in front of me, and she isnt on it.
him: I think she does.
me: well according to my list she doesn't but I'll just go ask someone for you.

FFS if I say someone doesnt work there, just because you are an arrogant, pushy sales rep (which I didn't know at the time btw) doesn't mean I'm giving you the brush-off.

Oh and I had a client ring me this afternoon acting as if it was my fault that someone who wasn't even in the office while I have been there hadn't called him today like she had said she would.

Oh well, tomorrow should be interesting, the boss is back and I'm all alone out the front all day. This afternoon at least Natalia decided she would keep me company because she didn't feel like concentrating on work.
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Jul. 24th, 2006 @ 09:41 am (no subject)

Grant finally got the wireless working last night about 20 mins after I went to bed and came in with his laptop and chatted to friends for a few hours while looking at uni courses and stuff.

I'm glad he got it working since it gave me a migraine yesterday sitting cramped up near the router trying to get it to work.

Now to look for a new laptop!
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Jun. 1st, 2006 @ 04:47 pm (no subject)
argh, why is it that the only time this week I can get online it won't let me sign into msn!!!! ARGH!!!
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